So it begins…

Dear reader,

I say that because I believe you’re probably singular at this point but hopefully that will change. I’ve written all of my life but I’ve never really gotten down to it and tried to make a real go of it ever. One True Sentence is my attempt at changing that. I’m not entirely sure of my schedule but I plan to put out a short story ever week at this point but that sounds awfully ambitious.

Right now I have two stories that I published on Facebook some time ago. That gives me two weeks worth of words to play with but I’d like to use those sparingly. The next original story is one called Chicken Man which originally started off as a short film idea and has grown zombie legs as a short story. It’s very unwieldily at this point in its creation but I’m plugging away. I’ve done a lot of research for it learning about chickens and cock fighting. Going public with OTS should be a great way to light a fire under me with it. It’s been hard to write and find that one true sentence every day with it but its coming along.

Enjoy Window and make copious use of the ratings program and comments to tell me what you think.

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